19 April, 2018

Samsung Screwed Up My Phone

I have never been a Samsung fan, Sony have always been my choice for last 15 years. Back in Singapore 2016 my son had a Samsung S7 and he had made me change my mine. Back then Sony did not have the phone of choice so I have decided to purchased a Samsung S7. 

The S7 was my adventure tough phone, made videos, Navigate, edited videos for Youtube, entertainment  etc. Recently due to poor anger management I have damage the screen.

So the phone was sent for replacement screen and when it came back the led and sensor was not working. Back it when for service and when it returned I asked if the phone is still waterproof and I did not get an answer. I decided to put it to the test and it failed!!

The service center called and told me the phone could not be repaired and they can't do anything about it!!!

Moral of the story if you send your phone for repair it is best you check with them. I made this video so everyone around the world can take note about this problem. As for me now if I do not get an answer I will bring this to Consumer Association. 

23 March, 2018

Singapore Best Tiong Shian Porridge Centre 長城粥品

Variety of Cantonese porridge. The clay pot frog is good and sauce is not salty. 
A must try meal, go for the mix porridge.

12 March, 2018

Singapore Old School Nam Seng Noodle House Wanton Mee

Since 1957 on Queen Street, this wanton mee has gone along way. Mdm Leong close to 90 yrs old still run the place in Far East Sq, she is friendly and lovely. This Wanton mee brings back memories back in the 70s. New Gen might not like it but for us it is really authentic .

15 January, 2018

Taiwan Kaohsiung 100 Years Old Ice Shaved Street Food 高雄婆婆冰創始店

This is one one of the desert stall I love to visit especially during breakfast..LOL
Their specialty is their secret ingredient sauce. Love it so much !!!


11 January, 2018

Singapore Javanese Ayam Penyet President Fried Chicken 爪哇炸雞

Javanese Ayam Penyet aka Javanese Fried Chicken was introduced to Singapore only the last few decades. 
The Chicken is fried to an exotic spiced taste. This dish was recently introduced into Singapore slightly more than 2 decades. The fried chicken is smashed with pestle to soften the meat. The specialty is the sambal and the special marinated chicken. I simply love it and I think it goes well with Nasi Lemak aka coconut rice. 
But which and where is the best inSungapore??  Let us know.....

Singapore 328 Katong Laksa Gordon Ramsay

Had many Laksa in my life, 328 was one of them which had long time ago in Katong. 
I used to love Sungie Road Laksa but it seems the old couple are gone and the new gen wasn't doing good enough. 
328 Katong Laksa maybe the answer ...
Laksa is a dish with very unique taste, close to curry buy not. This is a flavor even Gorden Ramsay wants to challenge. You have to taste it. I was born with this dish.

06 January, 2018

Singapore Lord of Durian Musang 猫山王榴莲

Watch 3 person trying to finish 7 Durians.
If you never like durian, then you will have to try this Musang Durain. The texture and taste are unlike any durian and you will instantly love it. 
I heard there is another durian called Royal Durain is up to the challenge. What ever it is, Musang Durian is my favourite.
I never buy Durian in Tiawan...I know what is best!!

26 December, 2017

Singapore Handlebar Best Biker Bar

Handle is one of my favorite pub, they have move 3 places and finally came back to their original place. My son says their food is good and I have to agree. One of the most interesting thing is their layout, it a pub I have not seen anywhere in Singapore. Jan is the lady boss but we are more to friends. I will recommend this place to anyone who wants great food and an atmosphere.